Realtime Research


Realtime Research

electro-acoustic / noise / transmedial scenography

 matthias mainz/nina red

matthias mainz/nina red

sep 8 2012

Solo Oslo - 300acting spaces/Ultima Festival

Soloperformance in a series of three concerts during the Ultima Festival, Oslo as part of Alex Gunia`s research project 300acting spaces. I am processing the sound of the quartetone trumpet, noises and voices using a condenser microphone wich is inserted into the mouthpieces backbore. I had been experimenting with Ansgar Nake in Cologne to be able to amplify the little small noises and resonances of articulations, tonguings and consonants.



THE.KØP – The Køln-Oslo-Protocol

CD-Release of recordings taken at Loft, Koeln during my extended solo-projct small, low, solo and so in 2007. Produced and released in a group effort by Alex Gunia, Anders Tveit, Terje Evenson and me.

Alex Gunia, guitar, electronics
Anders Tveit, bass, electronics
Hannes Hoelzl, supercollider processing
Joker Nies, raw electronics
Matthias Mainz, quartertone trumpet, electronics
Terje Evensen, drums
Christian Heck, recording
Audun Strype, mastering
Martin Schlotterbeck, mixing